Impress text animation line adds part of next line

I have LO, 32 bit Linux system.
Text animation usually works fine. ie., A text box with several lines (each ending with carriage return), each line will appear when called with a click.

But sometimes, the called line also brings up the first word or two of the next line. When that next line is called, it also brings up the first word or two of the next line… etc.

I can’t figure out why.

Thanks for your thoughts!

Well… I don’t know why, but there is apparently an unexpected interaction between text formatting and the ‘area’ of a textbox.

The problem is most noticeable when using ‘bulleted’ or ‘numbered’ lists, PLUS a color gradient background to the text box area. Variations in the gradient configuration seem to affect the text animation symptom (noted in my previous post) in various ways.

When the textbox area background is set to ‘none’, the text animation works normally.

With unbulleted / unnumbered lines, the animation works properly with some textbox area color gradients, but not with others. (The slides in question may also have color gradients set in the slide background. So, perhaps there is a conflict between the two gradient schemes?)

The line indent on the unbulleted / unnumbered lines is set by adding spaces, because the indent box seems to be greyed out sometimes.