Impress to save as PPTX losing slides when opening with powerpoint so.sorry if there are typos.

preparing presentation for brother’s funeral tomorrow in LO impress
exporting./.save as .pptx and opening with powerpoint requests a repair, which then loses about 20 slides.

does.anyone know.of any.formats.completely.compatible.with powerpoint?
seemed to lose.l.around 20 of 70 slides… photos.only, no text except for 1st slide.

slides in powerpoint.

any ideas?

How does Powerpoint react if you save as ODF presentation (.odp file) and try to open that?

There are two pptx formats, try the 2007-365 version rather than OfficeOpenXML. Otherwise, the older format, ppt, might be a better bet.

I tried saving in Impress an existing presentation but all versions opened OK in Powerpoint 2010 however there were very few pictures and no fancy transistions or timed sequences.