Impress transition bug

This usually happens with slideshow that I edit for reuse and where I redo the transitions. I am only using simple “appear” transitions.

On some slides, when I start the slide, I have to click several times before the first transition happens. On those slides things also get messed up when I try to go backwards. The bug can be managed (I usually export to PDF using expand animations and then delete pages) but it is quite annoying.

Anyone experience this and/or know how to handle this behavior?


I just want to second this observation. My slides also only use Entrance animations and typically work fine going forward through them. When I try to go backwards, groups of objects will disappear in a seemingly random order.

Occasionally I also see the bug where a few clicks are needed to activate the animation. This can usually be fixed by deleting all the animations and redoing them.

It is an interesting description of a mistake.
Unfortunately, it is just a statement and not a real question.

If you are expecting someone to help you, you should share a minimum of information and include your operating system and LibreOffice version.
Please also let us know in which file format you save, thank you.

It would also be helpful to upload a shortened version of such a document here so that someone can understand it.

If you think it is definitely a bug, you should file it on Bugzilla,
then this website would be the wrong place.
On Bugzilla you can also check if there is already an entry for this problem.
Example für “transition
If you make an entry there, please post the link here, thanks.