Impress: turn on text box borders to visible always

I am fairly new to Impress, and finding things in the different menus is very, very much not intuitive.

When using a layout for slide, the borders for to-be-filled-in elements like the headline and content text boxes are always visible.
When creating a new text box, this is not so. Only when being active with the text in that text box is it visible.
How can I change this so that this kind of text box always has visible borders?

Note, I DO NOT mean as in make printable borders, but only visible when editing the presentation.
The grid dots in Impress are tiny (yes, I did change from light gray to black that only helps slightly), so since the grid lines do not work, always having the border would help at least some.
It is tedious to have to click the text in order to find the border to either move the box, change the box or do any editing involved with the box.

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Still relevant…

Is it possible to make text field boxes visible all the time for the easier alignment?