(Impress)Visual Bug when [presentation display resolution > FullHD]

Good evening,
today I’ve installed LibreOffice on my laptop. Unfortunately there are graphical bugs (a big white rectangle and black bars) when using my external presentation display with a 2K resolution as “output”. When the high-res display is the student view and the FullHD laptop panel is the presentation view everything works wonderful. Is anyone else experiencing this problem / is there a known workaround?

Reinstalling, rebooting, using other cables as well as plugging everything in and out multiple times did not help. The normal desktop mode works well and powerpoint has no problems in this scenario.

LibreOffice x64; UI-Render: Standard, CPU-Threads: 8, Calc: CL

Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit Build 17763.195 (1809)

32 GB RAM / 16 GB video shared

NVIDIA Quadro K3100M Driver Build 389.08

Images: https://postimg.cc/gallery/irqou9fi/

Yes, duh, I’m from Germany and feel free to answer this question in German. Thanks :slight_smile: