Impress Will Not Show Full Screen in Zoom

When sharing my screen or application in Zoom, my Impress screen will not show to other attendees when I go into Slide Show view. The green Zoom rectangle disappears from my view, and the attendees see whatever I was sharing previously, not the full screen slides. I have played with Slideshow settings to no avail, and I have the latest versions of all the software.

Any ideas what I can do?

Some apps (including the Zoom browser plugin) have trouble capturing fullscreen displaying. I have heard mentions of a plugin update, but nothing that I have been able to try. (Not a priority for me at the moment ;we don’t use Zoom in our organization, so I only touch it when our personnel is invited “from the outside”.)

The workaround I have found: In Slideshow - Settings, change to windowed mode. Share the slideshow window.

Thanks, window mode does not work, either.

Sorry about that. As I said, my experience is limited. It has done the trick on a few instances, and has (seemingly) worked on Windows and MacOS alike, but it may have been fluke cases.

If you tell us what operating system you are on, which browser, what other software is running, screen setup (multiple screens, projector) and any other detail you can think of which may have a bearing on display, software dependencies/conflicts or networking, someone here may have an idea.