Impress won't play video, crashes

running Ubuntu 14.04 (chrubuntu, but everything else works).

when I try to add a video, it won’t play. The video plays when opened from nautilus, for example. Manipulating the video (resizing the icon) or even just flipping back and forth in slideshow causes Impress to freeze.

Please edit the question to indicate encoding used for the audio and video streams in the video file.

The question he ask is beyond the scope of the “basic customer service.” The problem which people don’t understand that Libre Office use function calls or API call which depends on the configuration of you operating system. It seems the function calls for video do not match up with your graphic card drivers. Try updating you Linux operating system. I played a porn video while running a streaming video from anime website. Don’t judge… Porn was a biggest investors back then and still is in video technology. Obvious nothing is wrong with the program… It just the basic too many cooks…