impressed by LO5! but pdf importing badly

First: amazing job. Well done. The package loads super-fast, everything seems to work more smoothly than in 4.3, which isn’t bad itself. Very impressed.

So, of course, I had to throw at it a problem I had recently. I needed to print out an ancient (2000? 2001?) pdf of a manual. It has small size pages and I wanted two to a page, side by side, in landscape mode. A month ago I couldn’t get either LO or Gimp to do anything useful for me. I wound up having to go to Adobe Reader in my Win7 vm, and that just did it.

LO5 Draw read that same pdf file in correctly and presented it two to a page in landscape mode. I didn’t even have to do anything. That was impressive. BUT. For some reason it squashed the two pages together so they have about a cm overlap. I planned to just change whatever setting it was that needed changing, but I can’t find anything. Nothing at all, neither at the import end nor at the print end or in Format or Styles.

What can I do about something like this? I can manually select the block of text and move it over, but for a 45 page pdf that’s going to get old real fast. There’s got to be a better way. ??

(In case it matters, I’m running Debian Stable/Jessie.)

Check to see whether this is the OpenGL bug (see reply to Q64314).