Improving the quality of "Convert to bitmap"?

I’m using LibreOffice Draw to cut out confidential information from PDF files. The simpliest way I found is to place some circles/rectangles over the to-be-removed data, select everything, then choose “Shapes” > “Combine”. Except it doesn’t play well with some documents, causing them to stretch out far off the document’s bounds.

Another way I found is to do mostly the same thing, but instead of using “Combine” I used “Convert” > “To Bitmap”. While it does the job of permanently getting rid of information covered by the shapes, it also severely downgrades the resolution of the entire document (edited documents are in range of 150-300 DPI, so the downgrade is always noticable, and in some cases makes some text unreadable).

Is there anything that can be done to improve this? Using the latest ( as of now) x64 version of LibreOffice on Windows 7.

Isn’t that for documents opened in Write? I can’t find the “Redact” option in Draw. EDIT: I enabled the “Redaction” toolbar and got the options for redacted export, but exported documents’ quality is horrid.

I suppose that bad quality of output is subject to a bug report.

Done, let’s hope for a solution then :slight_smile: