In 1:4.3.3-2+deb8u11 the first page of every report is missing. 1:4.3.3-2+deb8u10 works normally. What's up?

The first page of every report is missing with its data. This is something new. How do I correct it?

I’m using Base from Libreoffice 4.3.3-2 linux Mint Debian Edition 2.

This is something new … libreoffice 4.3.3-2

Heh. Funny to see these two bits together in one question :slight_smile:

How about updating to the current stable version (at least 5.4.6) and let us know how that goes. No one is interested in “fixing” an outdated version.

I’ve installed and get the same fault. It also affects Writer, but some old odt files open correctly.