In a master document how can I see as revision mark, revision marks of subdocuments ?

Hi everyone,

First of all, many thanks for your support and this amazing tool.

I have a standalone document with multiple chapters, tables, figures etc.
In order to simplify its management I would like to move to a master document and subdocuments.

I made a POC and everything seems OK except one point.

Every new release of the document should lead to 2 versions : a clean version and a version with revision marks.

I was not able to see the revision marks in subdocuments could be seen as revision mark in the master document. All I got in the master document is the final text when all revision marks are approved.

I thank you in advance if you can provide me with some clues.

I wish you a pleasant day.

Kind regards.

As far as I understand the feature, it is “local” to the file.

This means revision marks will be shown when the file is “directly” displayed.

In a master document, when track changes is enabled, it will show only the changes done on the master document text, not those made in the subdocument.

Apparently there is no solution to your requirement. When you print from the master document, you don’t get the subdocuments revision marks.

If your subdocuments start (and end) with page breaks, you can mitigate by printing the subdocuments by themselves, but the page number will not be the right one (or more generally header and footer because they are generated by the master and can therefore be different from those in the subdocuments).

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