In a multi user machine, how to set MS format as default for all users ?

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We have a terminal server where dozens of remote users can login, as we working at home in theses days.
I will install LibreOffice on this server.
How to set MS format as default when saving files, for all users, system wide ?
Doing it per user account is too tedious for a few dozens of users…

How to set MS format as default when saving files, for all users, system wide ?

Be warned: You will have trouble, if doing this. A format is not just a format how documents are stored. A format always relates to the document model of the application from which a format derives. And the MS document model is different from the ODF document model and each conversion from one into the other requires additions, trade-offs and removals from the original.

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See this.

As many have commented to this and other similar questions, using a non-native storage format for your default is usually a bad idea. If you explain why you want this, there may be suggestions for a better approach. If you look up and read the other Qs and As, you may not need those additional suggestions …

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Always store your important documents in the mative, international standard ODF file formats. You can save/export a copy into the foreign file formats.

And there are extensions what can create more than one (multi format) files by one “save” click.

I would like to share that I had success changing the default format for new saved files by creating a file in openoffice installation dir share/registry/DefaultOOXML.xcd as stated in Force save as MS Office format for all users,


Until now I neither posted an answer nor a comment concerning this question. I also regard the operation to lead basically on a wrong and dangerous track.

Well, you found the way it can be done. You are kindly invited to also report here your experiences, short-term and long-term. It should be very helpful for other users considering a similar strategy.

To let us better understand the case, please explain the objective of the decision you made to prefer an alien “format” if you find the time.

Sure ! Thank you for opening a space to share our experience with LibreOffice opening and saving native XLS files.
Our company (about 50 employees) make light use of spreadsheets. No heavy files, no fancy formatting and graphics, no intense sharing of files (for this we use google docs suite); In this context, we had not problems having a mixed environment (LibreOffice not always updated and MS Office ranging from 2010 to 2016), so I see no problems doing that.
The source of information for many of this spreadsheets is our ERP program that export data in CSV format that is filtered and summarized using spreadsheet usual functions (FILTER, SUM, PROCV, etc)
Data supposed to be shared with co-workers are uploaded to Google Docs OR its is shared in XLS format in a read-only shared folder (just a few people has write permission on it) and in this case, there is no risk of data corruption.

I appreciate your concern, but it was not a problem for us in the past years.

Thanks for outlining the context.