In a table of contents, how can i get rid of fill characters?

I’m preparing a ms. for ebook publication. I’d like the table of contents simply to be a list of chapter title hyperlinks, with no fill characters. I have it as I want it except it still has fill characters. How can I get rid of them?

Right-click in your TOC and choose Edit Ibdex/Table. In the dialog which pops up, go to Entries tab.

The Structure line describes how the entry is formatted. Click on the T item (tab). Its properties are displayed below. Just erase the Fill character or choose any you like.

Do that for every level in your TOC.

Note: it is not clear from your question whether you got rid of the page number item # or not. If you removed it, you can altogether remove the T itself: press Backspace or Del after clicking on T.

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