In a writer document i want to be able to click on hyperlinks and have that take me to the connected bookmarks

Nothing happens when i click on those hyperlinks except a little note comes up telling me to click on the hyperlink to get to the bookmark! I have LibreOffice version

hyperlink question.odt

Here is the new attachment:


Transfer to destination is usually done with Ctrl+click. Have you tried this?

EDIT 2020-10-15

Your hyperlink requests transfer to boomark bookmark 1 which does not exist.

Set the cursor where you want the bookmark to be, Insert>Bookmark and enter its name. Now, when you Ctrl+click on the hyperlink, you jump to the bookmark.

I don’t know if the sample file is representative of your skill in LO, but I recommend you use styles and not direct formatting to format your real document.

EDIT 2020-10-16

CAUTION! Bookmark names are case-sensitive! So, check the names are exactly the same in casing.

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I did try that, and it also does not work. I want eventually to share this document with others and have them also be able to click on the links to get to the bookmarks.

Edit your question in order to attach a sample file (2 pages max. with an hyperlink and a destination bookmark, preferentially not on the same page).

I do not see how to attach a file, so have copied the appropriate. lines below. The hyperlink is “Appendix 1” in the first line. The bookmark is at the beginning of the second line:

i have reproduced the essence of that flyer in Appendix 1.

Appendix 1: Van Andel Museum Leaflet

Copying a description of your document is not the same as the document itself.

To attach, click on the edit link below your question. Scroll to bottom. Press Enter at least twice. Click on the “paperclip” tool in the edit toolbar. A dialog pops up. Press Browse to select a file. OK.

File is uploaded per your instructions.

Somehow the bookmark did not copying the short document i sent, but it is there in my original document. In any case, i tried control-click on the modified version of the short document that does have a bookmark and it still did not go to the bookmark.
I am pretty ignorant when it comes to working in LibreOffice writer generally, but trying to work with styles intimidates me - that is part of my ignorance i guess.

If you are sure you added the bookmark in the sample document (use of Insert>Bookmark), edit again your question to attach the new one (keep the older one so that I can see the difference).

Nothing serious: you just created a discrepancy between your bookmark Bookmark 1 with an uppercase “B” and the target bookmark 1 with a lowercase “b” in the hyperlink.

Bookmarks are case-sensitive. Fix spelling and it works.

Problem finally solved - thank you!
One thing for you to know, however: control-click does not doi t; that brings up a menu. It requires command-click.

Are you under MacOS? You didn’t mention it. Under MacOS, whenever documentation says Ctrl+something, replace it with Command+something. This illustrates the importance of mentioning the OS, even for seemingly insignificant matters.

I am, and did not know that. Thanks for that info, which i will keep in mind for future

Hello @richa

the Dokument you uploaded does not seem to have the bookmark set.
At least it does not get displayed for me via View-> Navigator (F5)

Here i added it, try via CTRL+Click and see if it works for you.


Hope that helps.