in Base: can i use checkboxes (in a form) to edit Y/N fields in a query

I I want to use a form to add tags to a database of my paper documents with checkboxes (because I think it will be easier than using combo-boxes).
For retrieving those records I want to use a form with the same layout than the form I used to create them.
So, can I use checkboxes to edit the query?
Thank you


A query is a language used to communicate with a database. You cannot “edit” a query using a form. To actually edit a query requires you to change what is in the statement itself.

What it appears you are really asking is how to create a form similar to your input form which will retrieve your records based upon selection of certain fields (or contents of the fields). This is actually done with SQL and is combined with a table filter. Depending upon your requirements and the number of fields involved, the SQL for this can be somewhat simple or quite lengthy and complex.

The information on how to accomplish this has been posted many times in this forum in different manners. Exactly how to do this in your situation depends entirely upon your layout, fields and needs. To get started, please see my answer in this post → How to set up correctly a search dropdown button?. There you will find links to other posts which cover filtering.