in Base, how do you "import" (not link) data from an Excel spreadsheet in to a new file?

I want to pull data from an Excel spreadsheet into a new separate Libre file that has no link back to the original file. Once it’s there, I can build the system I want.


Open your Exel file in Calc. Save it as native .ods spreadsheet. Now you can copy and paste from Calc to Base tables. See this answer for further information in links there → add csv or excel base

Thanks, I think this got me started in the right direction. I’ll come back if I get stuck. ( : > )

If problems, will help best as I can. Please be as specific as possible.

Though dated, and written for OO, I believe that what’s in the following is basic enough that it still Just Works.

Blow by blow guide to getting data from spreadsheet to database.

Please let me know of anything that is a serious hurdle to using that? I.e. things that are wrong in a major way?