In base, is it possible to change the background color of specific records in a grid control using a macro?

I have a grid control in a subform that returns the result of a query that displays the required inventory for a build and the inventory available on hand as two columns. I would like to highlight rows or cells of the grid depending on criteria:

  • If Inventory_required > Inventory_available → Highlight Red
  • If Inventory_required = Inventory_available → Highlight Yellow
  • If Inventory_required < Inventory_available → No Highlight

I’m able to access individual rows in the macro using a while loop but I can’t seem to change the color of a specific row. Is it even possible?

I tried using both of the following lines within IF statements in order to get the color to change, but the attributes aren’t right:

oForm.getByName(“gridPartsCount”).getByName(“txtAvailableParts”).BackgroundColor = RGB(255,0,0) and
oForm.getByName(“gridPartsCount”).getByName(“txtAvailableParts”).TextColor = RGB(255,0,0)

Here is a mockup of what I would like the end result to be (highlighting was done in an image editor)

Is this possible? if so, what parameter do I need to set?

Thanks for the help!



There is no method to set a table grid row color based upon a condition especially when applying to all the records in the control. As you found, you can set the background color but it applies to the entire grid.


Thanks for the prompt reply, I’ll try to find a different method then. Without changing the background, is there any method to format elements within a grid? Would it be possible to dynamically change a formatted field?


There is very little published on the construction of a table grid control. Accessing data is relatively simple but formatting cells or rows unknown. Modifying a column probable depending upon what is to be done. Keep in mind, the table grid is simply other controls ‘glued’ together and having data awareness with visibility of multiple records. A grid control (use in dialog - not data aware) is similar but a bit more information is available on that → UNO Grid Control

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