In Calc, how can one change the number of columns in a document?

This refers to the current version of LibreOffice, running on OSX Mavericks.

The logical number of columns in a sheet of a Calc document is always 1024 (2^10). You can hide any number of columns, whether empty or not, adjacent or not. In principle it’s the same with rows (1048576 = 2^20). If the remaining columns/rows don’t fill the visible sheet area it willlook as if the sheet has few columns/rows.

(In my opinion this isn’t of use for anything.)

Hi - In addition:

  • The number of rows / columns visible in the interface is constant, but LibreOffice saves only the entered data.
  • You can limit the display to the used range with View Page Break Preview. By default this mode does not prevent enlarge the used range by typing “outside” and It displays the page number as watermark.