in Calc, how do I select the next entry in a long list of autofilter entries?


I have a long list of product SKUs (in screenshot, Column “E”), about 1000 of them. I have been using autofilter to filter my excel file by one product sku at at time, calculate profit margins for only that SKU. And then advancing to the next SKU.

The problem is, since I have so many product skus, it takes a really long time to scroll down in autofilter, unselect the previous SKU, and select the next one.

Is there a way to automatically advance to the “next” SKU in a list? Or would there be a quicker way to do this somehow?

please see these screenshots: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Hello kbot, I tried what you describe and experience the same. I think, a macro could do the trick for you. If you search a little here, you’ll find several approaches to modify the autofilter by use of a macro. I’m not familar enough with this stuff, but in Meta Code this could look like: detect active cell = row x / column E (in your example) = that content is the current filter criteria, increase index of cell to active cell row x+1 / column E, read new filter criteria from that cell, set new filter criteria, update. Assign a key pattern to that macro and you can advance imediately to the next sku in the next row.