In Calc; How do I set a bunch of checkboxes so only one can be checked at a time?

I am adding a bunch of check boxes that reference a value in a cell. Normally the value will go by a formula but on occasion the value will be limited to a 2 when you click a check box, but that can only happen to one instance at a time. So I am trying to figure out how to set it so that, out of about 100 checkboxes, only one can be checked at a time. If you click a second check box it automatically unclicks the first one.
I thought that if you simply had a bunch of checkbox’s with the same name you could only check one at a time but that apparently does not work in Calc as I tried it and it checks all the box with the same name.

“one at a time” would usually use radio buttons. Those have a Group name property. If you use them to set the value of a cell, then use the same address for the Linked Cell. The different values are set in Reference value then.

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Oh, that makes sense.
Do you mean the Option Boxes?

Exactly, radio buttons is for that, unless I have not understood.

Do you mean the Option Boxes?

They are named Option Button in the Form Controls toolbar.

Yes, that’s it. It’s working now, thanks for the help!