In Calc, how do you paste formatting using menus?

Select a cell, then use the keyboard to select “Format” menu > “Clone Formatting”. (The paintbrush toolbar icon appears “pressed”.) Then navigate to and select the cell(s) to receive the cloned formatting.

What keys do you press now to apply the cloned formatting?

  • The “Enter” key does nothing.
  • Selecting the “Format” menu again still shows “Clone Formatting” (not,
    say, “Paste Formatting”).
  • Selecting “Format” menu > “Clone Formatting” turns off the cloning
    (or at least the paintbrush toolbar
    icon appears “unpressed”).

To be more clear: I’m familiar with “Paste Special” … but I’m wondering whether there is a one-level-deep “Paste Cloned Formatting” option just as easily available as “Format > Clone Formatting”.

If you use clone formatting you need to use mouse as well for pasting (you may notice the icon change). Using menu operations only, requires Edit -> Copy and Edit -> Paste Special -> Paste Special -> Cat: Selection - [x] Formats or CTRL+SHIFT+V (unselecting anything else). In that sense “clone formatting” is a shortcut for that.

Thank you, Opaque (and others). This is what I suspected: the (semi-cumbersome) “Paste Special” is the only counterpart to the (quickly-accessible) “Clone Formatting” command. I suppose having the first half of the operation easy-to-perform is better than having neither half easy to perform. :wink:

After Copy, you can do it through [Ctrl+Shift+V] Menu/Edit/Paste special, if you only want to past the format, select only Formats.


  1. Select area to copy formatting.
  2. Click on the icon.
  3. The cursor changes
  4. Select the area to paste formatting.

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