In Calc, is there a way to change the cell navigation in formula entry?

Sorry if this has been asked before and I just can’t find the right keywords to pull it up!

In calc, when I’m selecting cells in a formula the cursor(?) stays wherever the last cell I selected was, instead of snapping back to the active cell.

For example, I’m in B2 and I want to enter a formula like =if(a2=b1,b1,""), here’s what I need to type to get that formula (assuming I want to use arrow keys to navigate around):

Calc: = i f ( [left] = [up] [right] , [right] [left] , " " )

What I’m used to: = i f ( [left] = [up] , [up] , " " )

Is there any way to change it so it snaps back to the active cell, the way I’m used to, rather than sticking with whatever was last chosen in the formula?