In Calc, is there a way to reverse the order of text in a cell?

There has to be a way to do this, but as a graphic designer, spreadsheet programs are not my forte.

I have 500+ cells of names written like this: “Davidson, Lauren O.” and I need them to be “Lauren O. Davidson”. Basically, everything left of the comma needs to be moved to the end of the string.

It doesn’t even have to be kept in a LibreOffice Calc format - I just need to copy and paste the text into InDesign.

Thank you!!

If you really want to get it in a single cell:

Be “Davidson, Lauren O.” (without the QMs) in A11 (and the other names from there downward in column A) and the formula

=MID(A11;FIND(",";A11)+2;1024)&" "&LEFT(A11;FIND(",";A11)-1)

in another cell (best B11) and filled downward in its column as needed, you’ll get what you want if the syntax you described by giving an example is “complete” enough. Names that do not contain exactly one occurrence of a comma followed by a single space or names containing trailing spaces will cause complications.

I would prefer using (a) helper(s) column(s).