In Draw can't use "flip > horizontal"

Ubuntu 12.04
Gnome 2
LibO 3 -

I’m trying to flip text in Draw, so that I can use it for a transfer on to wood. Modify > Flip > Horizontal…

Horizontal is grayed out. Why? It’s grayed out in Writter too.

I need it to work or a work around.


You can use a Fontwork-Object. You need not use the fancy styles predefinied in the gallery, but you can use a simple text too. A Fontwork-Object can be mirred and you can still edit the text. The only thing you loose is the ability to style single characters of the text and the ability for indent and bullets.

If you need complex styling, you can first generate the text and then convert it to metafile. But then it is a picture and you can no longer edit the text.

I will try it…

Thank You