In Draw, how can I make an option button work like a checkbox.

I’m creating a pdf form, part of which contains multiple select options. I would like to use option (radio) buttons for aesthetic reasons.

I have given each button its own name so as not to group.

When I export to pdf I can ‘select’ the button, but then I can’t ‘unselect’ it.

Any advice please?


Whether in Draw or in a PDF, radio buttons individually are not designed to be an ON/OFF mechanism. Radio buttons will only be set to OFF (unselected) when another radio button in the same group is selected. In you situation you only have one radio button in the group (even though unnamed) so once selected it is always on. The exception to this is that a macro (executed by button or other means) can clear the setting. This does no good when converting to PDF as the macro can’t be used there.

It appears the only choice is to use the check box if you want ON/OFF capabilities(tri-state doesn’t work in PDF).

Oh well… Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it possible to edit a checkbox to look like a radio button?

Not by any edit I understand.