In Draw, how does one view only object outlines?dra

Having used Adobe Illustrator, there is a way “View > Outlines” to turn off both fill and stroke for all objects temporarily, to make it easy to see objects behind other filled objects. How is this done in Draw?


If the shapes are named they can be selected from within Navigator.

By the way, to select objects behind other/s, click while holding Alt.

If you just want to see the outline temporarily, but not to edit shapes at the same time, simply select all the concerned shapes and use the context menu to set Area to None. Having drawn your conclusions, you can simply hit Ctrl+Z to return to the previous state and view.
To also allow for editing in outline view, and then to be able to reset the area attributes to their previous values would require a lot of custom programming.
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And while area is set to none, you can select objects, undo the area change, then work with the selected objects.

To the best of my knowledge, there is no such command in Draw.

However, there is a substitute, probably inferior to what you are looking for.

Use the Navigator (F5). Show Shapes has two modes: All shapes and Named shapes.

Unless you named your objects, only All shapes will display something in the beginning. Groups create a tree-like name structure.

If you have many objects, you have high interest in naming them so that you can identify them in the Navigator, otherwise they are designated with “Shape99”. Do this with a right-click on the object and Name.

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