In Draw, is there a way to make text in a shape stay horizontal when the shape is rotated?

In Draw I have created a shape that has a top and bottom. I need to be able to duplicate it in several directions, and don’t want to recreate it for each direction. If I rotate it, the text takes on the new orientation, making it more difficult to read the labels on the rotated shapes.

Is there a way to tell the shape to rotate or flip without rotating the text? Short of placing a new text box inside the shape, that is.

For custom shapes this can be done in file format, but there exists no user interface. You would need a macro for it or manipulate the file directly. But because the rendering has errors, see fdo#76456, I do not recommend it. You should write the text into a T shape and place it manually onto your rotated shape. If you need no connectors to the rotated shape, you can group the shapes to make them a unit once design is finished.

Thanks, Regina.

I had a feeling the short answer was “no” but it’s always better to ask.
Sounds like the easiest thing will be the separate text box and grouping.