In exported pdf, links are not consistent

Some are blue and underline, some are blue with no underline, and some have neither color nor underlining. All on the same page on pages 2 and 3 of the document. Other links elsewhere seem to be fine.

Interestingly, the links do work. BUT there is no indication to the user that these are links.

The ones that aren’t marked look plain like the surrounding text. When you hover, you can see the link in the lower left. Yet in the odt version, they look the same as always.

Why are some okay and others are not? And how do I fix them since they appear all the same in settings, etc.?

Two situations: External links and Cross-Reference links within the document. Both were messed up in the PDF. Never could find the cause but did find workarounds.


External links: Found that by putting a period after the link field, suddenly it worked. Even though there was a period after already. Don’t ask me why. In a couple of places, the anchor text had to be retyped and the link added, with no connection to the place that didn’t work.

Cross-Reference Links: No solution except to Bold, Italic and Underline the individual fields manually. Also in Tools>Options chose Blue/Gray for field shading, but that shows up only for the ODT, not the PDF.

Hope this helps someone in the future with the same problem.