In LibreDraw how can you make a text box interrupt a line?

I am trying to create a flowchart where one rectangular box has a line coming from it to another rectangular box and at the same time the word “no” is in the middle of the line interrupting it.

For example this video has many different examples of text interrupting lines: Hawaiian Monarchs Family Tree - YouTube.

Please let me know if you know how to do this. Thank you all in advance!

I had a similar problem when I started using Draw to do something like this:
Example of decision with interrupted line

My workaround is to set the highlight colour of the text to the same colour of the page background: double click your connector and type your text… select your text and set the highlight colour. in horizontal connector I found it better to add a space before and after (to give some space to the text)

Make sure you have a background colour set, otherwise if you save the drawing to SVG or PNG with transparency, the text may show the coloured box around the text.

Thank you so much!! This was exactly the solution I needed. I really appreciate it :slight_smile: