In LibreOffice I can see the images but they don't print

I have found that if the last edit on the document was made in MS Word, the document prints quite well. However, if any change was made in LO, even minor changes, then the images do not print. This is true even if the document was saved in the .docx format.

The images are photos that have been saved as .jpg files, then pasted into the text document as a picture.

I have checked in the tools>options>LO Writer>Print options and the images and objects box IS checked

If I am to make a complete change to LO, it is important that I figure this out as nearly every document I produce has these images.

It is good that you checked menu:Tools | Options | LibreOffice Writer | Print and then checked that the Images and objects checkbox was checked.

On my testing under LO-, Devuan-3 it should be that, during actual Print, the menu:File | Print | Libreoffice Writer | Images and other graphic objects checkbox should also be checked (and, if you switch it off, that the Options checkbox then becomes deselected). However, during your attempt to print double-check that it is still switched-on & works (see dialog boxes below for reference).

  • If selecting the Print checkbox
    DOES NOT show the image, then you
    have found a bug.

  • If selecting the Print checkboxes
    DOES show the image then it is
    possible that your Profile has
    become corrupted. Refer to the Wiki:

    and in particular the Help

    (restarting in Safe Mode). If restarting in Safe Mode fixes the issue then yes, it is Profile corruption & you are advised to reset your Profile.