In LibreOffice Writer my images are disappearing?

How can I tell LibreOffice Writer to refresh the image links and bring back all the disappeared images into the document?

Longer Story:
I ran some simulations on a Linux machine. The simulations output is graphical in nature. I use KSnapshot to take a screen snapshot and save the image first on the disk as jpeg into one directory. I have to write a report about the simulations, so rather than exporting the images to a Windows machine and use Word, it seems like it would be a perfect time to use LibreOffice to write the report on the Linux machine. So I write the report in LibreOffice Writer 4.4 and copy and paste the saved jpeg images from the directory that I saved them into the document.

I guess the images are going into the document as the default copy and paste way, which is an absolute path link and not bitmapped, which sounds OK? The Linux box O/S is Red Hat Enterprise 6.7, the Linux box is never turned off. The path to the directory that I stored all the images is the same and has never changed; the images have always been in their original location. I leave LibreOffice always running, just check and save, time to time, so it always has the same path too. But, overtime most of the images in the document in LibreOffice Writer disappear! It seems to me that over time the Images are replaced with placeholders while the file is open and then lost altogether when the file is closed and reopened ?

How can I tell LibreOffice Writer to refresh the image links and bring back all the images in the report, nothing has changed I cannot see how I can possibly lose the images even if they are linked?
Can someone point me to something that I can read, so I will understand what is going on, because I am not very smart and I do not understand what the problem is?

I Goggle this disappearing image problem and there are awful lot of them all marked solved, but when I read them, it seems like nothing is solved?

I have tried to up the memory settings in tools/options

I have checked that the graphics box is ticked in tools/options/write/view

It has been created in LibreOffice and no Windows Office crap has ever been used.

I have only save this in odt format.

What could go wrong!

Not sure, this is just a hint for further investigation. All ODF files are zip archives. You can change the extension to .zip, then open the archive and navigate to the Configurations2/images/bitmaps folder, where all pasted images sit. If the pictures are there, something is blocking them from being shown, if they aren’t there, something is eating them.

I unzipped the .odt directory and looked at the pictures directory.
The ones in the zip picture directory are being show in the document and the missing ones are not in the document, so I guess something is eating them. The missing images seem to be the ones that were pasted in a few months back and not the newer pasted images.
I am starting to re-paste the images that disappeared, I am worried that they will just disappear over time again? Maybe I should paste them as bit images not as links?

I have the same problem, with photos and videos. I make a Impress file every week, its played on the Friday night, then I create a new one and start all over again. I then store that file into a directory on my hard-drive for future reference that I sometime need to do. Yesterday I did just that, No Images and no videos just a big question mark. Ive used Openoffice it doesn’t seem to do the same thing, very frustrating. file size is the same as when created, its in the program itself I think.

I’m having this problem too. Anyone else here critical of Forever Wars, or have worked for the USG?