In LibreOffice writer version (or later) running on Windows 7, is there a reason that I cannot resize a window past a certain amount, and is there a way that I can override that?

I have seen a couple of bugs reported online about this but they haven’t gone anywhere. As opposed to MS Word, where you can resize a window vertically as much as you want, in LibreOffice it stops at a little bit larger than half of it’s original size.
Included in the bugs I have seen we comments asking why anyone would ever need this option. This is simple: I do rewriting and translation tasks and thus I need to be able to see both documents at once in order to compare the original document and the document I am writing. It’s extremely cumbersome and unproductive to have to switch between screens. Two screens aren’t often an option when working remotely.
This being said, I realize that you can resize these windows horizontally side-by-side, but that often creates havoc with visibility.
Is there a way around this? Is there an option I haven’t found?
Thank you in advance!

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Same profession, same problem (Windows 7, LibreOffice x64). The double-headed arrow shows but beyond a certain point (more like 85% in my case) has no effect. There is similar (unanswered) thread “LibreOffice window won’t shrink vertically beyond 70% of screen” (sorry I don’t know how to reference it any better than that).
Best - Peter