In Mail Merge, how can I conditionally select the records to be processed?

I am using mail merge in LibreOffice, with a form letter in Writer and a “database” in Calc.

When printing the form letter, the only options I get are : printing all, printing a manually selected list, or printing a range based on record number.

I want to conditionally select the records of the spreadsheet to be processed in the mail merge, based on specific values of a column in the spreadsheet. How can I do this ?


When printing with FilePrintYour document contains address…, answer Yes.

Mail merge dialog opens in which you have filter tools (autofilter, standard…):



Oh yes ! I overlooked this possibility. I just tested it and it works greatly. Thanks for your quick and efficient support.

Is this available on Windows only? I can’t see the filter icons on Fedora Linux (LibreOffice Version: Build ID:

Hi @floeschie

All I have on hand now is a debian jessie with Libo 4.3 and the feature is available… I can not say more, sorry.

EDIT Just verified ok on jessie with Libo