In opening a document, stuck in loop

Hello folks;

About 30 minutes ago I tried to reopen a LibreOffice Writer document that I wrote. Then after a brief moment it appeared to go into a infinite loop of some type, where a window would pop open for a moment saying something about syncrhonoization, then close.

After a minute or so I rebooted the computer. After rebooting, LibreOffice asked if I wanted to send a crash report. I clicked Yes, which it appeared to do. Then when I reopen the same LibreOffice document, it started in safe mode and appears to have sorted itself out. There were four files that had to be recovered.

Have you seen or heard of such a situation? How strange is that? I have LibreOffice 7.I.0.3 I just completed a Microsoft Defender Offline Scan, which came up clean.

Thanks in advance

Sounds like OneDrive upsetting the applecart

Please, can you provide some more details about what to look for? The file I tried to open is not saved on OneDrive.

I think Earnest was suggesting that a “synchronization” message was likely due to your computer trying to synchronize the version of the document on your computer with another version somewhere else (OneDrive, Google Drive, a backup program, etc.)

Maybe not, maybe saved on OneDrive. It might be set up for you under Start menu > Settings > Update and Security > Windows Security > Virus and Threat Protection > Ransomware protection.

I don’t use OneDrive so can’t help with issues related to it but "synchronisation’ implies cloud software

Looks like Earnest has a point. It does appear that at least some files are backed up for ransomware protection. My PC is using OneDrive, though I don’t see the file there that I tried to open.

It might have been dropped in the tussle. Keep on eye on the OneDrive recycle bin for missing files

Thanks for the pointer. Just looked and don’t see any missing files there, at least not now.