in print box a4 is 889x1257mm. how do I correct this?

If I print from another program the paper size is correct. If I try to print a document from libre office, the print dialogue box is showing a4 889x1257mm. how do I correct this? (pretty sure all the paper sizes are wrong dimensions in paper source.) OS windows 10, LO 7.0, file format .odt 1 page style. The problem is occurring with all LO documents I have, including documents I printed a few days ago which were fine then but not now. Documents printed from other programs are printing ok. it is just LO documents. In the print box, a preview of the document looks ok with 210 mm on short side 295mm on long side(landscape). In the paper size drop down menu all the paper sizes and the dimensions are not matching. A4 is not 889x 1257mm. I dont understand why it is showing the wrong sizes.
I have no windows, LO or printer updates to install. I have a HP deskjet printer wireless connection. The printer dialogue box only shows wrong paper as described above when trying to print from LO.

If I open any document in LO, export directly then resave it as a pdf, open it from my documents folder and print from there it is ok so it is a problem printing odt files?

Edit your question to provide more details: OS name, LO version and file format (.odt or .doc(x)), …

Have you used several page styles? (if document is .docx, does it contain several “sections”?) Have you customised the page in any way?

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I dont understand why it is showing the wrong sizes.

because it is a bug tdf#141425 - Crazy paper sizes

how do I fix it please?

Wait for bug fix in an update.

It is a display issue and doesn’t affect the result. You can check paper size in your printer’s dialog

Assuming you are not a software developer: You can’t fix on your own

it does affect how my document prints. I get only 1-2 cm of my document and the rest is blank. doesn’t happen with other programs. I will have to wait for the bug fix update or get another program. Thanks to all for your help understanding the problem

So that is the actual problem, it should be in the question. What printer are you using and connection type, e.g. WiFi, Ethernet…?

Maybe restart your computer Start menu > Power > Restart. Not Shut Down as the default for that is hibernate and will not clear junk from memory.

In the meantime, check your Windows updates to see if there are any waiting to install. There was a Windows Update a couple of months ago that prevented many printers from working properly. Go to Start menu > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update and see if there are any updates waiting to install. Maybe ignore update to 21H1 for the moment but check optional for printer fixes.

“A few days ago” there was a Windows Update. Have you Restarted your computer since then?

Have you tried running HP Scan and Print Doctor?

If neither of those work(ed) I would be inclined to uninstall the printer, Restart, and then install printer using latest driver from HP. My guess is that the Windows update changed something, possibly only small. I had to do that 3 or 4 months ago, bizarrely, only for the newest computer, the others were fine.

HP has some further help on their Windows 10 Updates site