In "Track changes", why are the changes all accepted when opening in Microsoft Word?

I do proofreading for extra income. My method is to use “track changes” and have the client/student have to either accept or reject my suggested changes. It is an especially important feature if their intent is not clear.

I just moved into Ubuntu/Libre, which seemed at first to be good enough. However, as it turns out, the record of changes is removed and all my edits are just accepted when converting and opening.

I receive a file as either DOC or DOCX, and open that in Libre. I save the edited doc as the appropriate Microsoft Office version, then send that to the student. When she opens it, however, the record of my edits is gone, and all of them are just accepted, so she cannot find out what her mistakes were. Comments are OK, but not the deletions, insertions and corrections that need to be there.

Any suggestions how to work around this?

Oh, another thing. The complete record of those edits is there when I open it in Libre, but they are all “accepted” when I open in Microsoft, even if I save while in Microsoft…