in trying to setup remote file with google drive they ask for 6 figure pin. Where do you obtain this?

Trying to setup remote drive with google drive. Having completed the google drive login details an pressed ok a box then comes up asking for a 6 digit pin. Where do you obtain the pin?

Please follow the question at LibreOffice access to Google Drive asks for authentication 6-digit pin. Your question pretty much looks like a duplicate of the discussion under the given link.

This issue remain unresolved – at least for some users (follow thread reference in earlier comment).

There is a non-LibreOffice workaround if you are one of those users. From within your GoogleDrive, install “Google Drive File Stream” add-on. It makes your GDrive appear in your computer’s file system like another hard drive on your computer. (Very useful for many applications, not just LibreOffice.)

Then, when you click SAVE or SAVEAS from within a document OR click OPEN from the File Menu, and your file navigator comes up, just navigate to “Google drive file stream (G:)” and you will see your GDrive MyDrive folder. From there you can navigate within the GDrive as usual.

This is not a perfect solution. When I delete a file from the LibreOffice main file section screen, it is NOT deleted in GoogleDrive and that has led to some confusion for me. For most purposes, however, this will work fine.

(Windows10 system and a shared GDrive for my job, which has GSuite.)

here too still not working