In Ubuntu LibreOffice 6.0x is displayed with a dark interface

I have been using LibreOffice for more that 4 years, and was very happy about it.
I recently updated the whole suite to version 6.0x and now the interface is displayed using a dark theme that does not fit the Ubuntu theme I use (Ambiance, which is the default theme on U 16.04 LTS) nor allows lists to be readable. Besides, there are these black blocks all over the screen, and they are ugly.
When I tried the Tools > Options > Application Colors > Scheme, I only found one theme in the popup menu.
I then tried to delete my profile and uninstall + purge LibreOffice.
Nothing did and I am stuck with these dark patches everywhere.
Please help.

Does this answer on AskUbuntu help you? If so, we can repeat that answer here. Others have noted this problem, too.

Also make sure OpenGL is not selected. From Menu Tools->Options the under LibreOffice->View make sure Use OpenGL for all rendering is not checked.

Did this issue get fixed yet? Any chance we could get a screen-shot to evaluate?