In Writer, File > recent documents none are listed

When I click on File > Recent documents, I always now get “No Documents”. What do I do to get this feature back?

Hello @HaggisForBrains,

Please check if your “PickListSize” is set to a value larger than zero:

1. Select the menu "Tools : Options : LibreOffice : Advanced",
2. Click the button "Expert Configuration",
3. in the dialog box that pops up, type the word "PickListSize",
4. Select the listed item with Property = "PickListSize", and doubleclick on the "Value" field,
5. in the dialog box that pops up, type the new value for PickListSize ( mine is set to 25 )

Hi Librebel, Sorry for the delay, I’ve been ill. Thanks for your reply. I checked as you suggest, and mine was set at 20. I tried resetting it to another figure, just in case, but still get “No Documents”. I tried closing and opening my test document again, to see if the change had taken effect, but it hadn’t.

Welcome back and a speedy recovery @HaggisForBrains,

Please have a look at this post.

If the problem persists i would suggest Resetting the LibreOffice user profile first.

If the problem still persists, you could try if (re-)installing the latest version of LibreOffice solves it.