In Writer, how do I print PDF without page break

Same as topic.

I wish to save out a long continuous document into a PDF format that people can read offline.

It’s not meant to be printed.

I can’t seem to find the option to disable page breaks when printing to PDF. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi, This is a very old issue: how to read things offline. Why reinvent the wheel here? I think you should be using some other format, such as odt or html that was designed for this. If you force people into a non-standard use of PDF then does this mean they can’t print it and read it that way? Or is that what you seek, some sort of copy protection? I don’t see why anyone would want to distribute non-standard page sizes. Food for thought…

There may be some solutions:

  1. Enlarge the page size, esp. the hight. You may go to A0 format; the limit is AFAIK 300 cm.

  2. Save and export as HTML (not as PDF file), there usually won’t be page breaks. It is readable by any browser.
    If you do so be aware that images can’t be embedded in the HTML file. If it’s only text - a good choice. Start your document as HTML from the beginning on, it’s better for exporting later.

IIUC, OP wants to disable manual page breaks in the document (or those inserted using styles), though OP has not described that well. In that regard, your second option is a good one.

Wrt “be aware that images can’t be embedded in the HTML file”: that’s not strictly true: although there’s no GUI for that (yet), there’s a way to embed the images using CLI: see my answer here.

Thanks . The page size did the trick!

Your question has no answer actually. ODT (as well as similar word processor formats) and PDF are from different worlds. ODT features dynamic pagination while PDF is based on rigid page boundaries (initially, PDF was designed for the publishing industry, not for office use).

Of course, you can try to set a very big page height, as Grantier advises, but page breaks will still be present. Or use HTML or e-book formats such as FictionBook2 or ePub.

Yes page size did it.thanks!