In writer how do you search for dates that are inserted with a keyboard shortcut?

Created a shortcut to use in writer to add the date and time into the text. However you cannot search for those dates in the file. You can see them just fine but search never finds them. How do I search for them?


Thanks for the reference. Could not find anything on the web about this. So the answer is no way to do this. Seems to be a basic feature but what do I know.

Taking in account user code there are two ways:
-1- A specialized search routine only searching the anchor strings of textfields.
-2- A general conversion of textfields to ordinary content which then is searchable.
Concerning -2- as far as the fields are date/time/datetime fields, there is a solution here.

BTW: Inserting a date field we have the option to choose an Offset in days. I cannot find a respective property of the field object. Probably “someone here” :wink: can give details.

I can see a macro for converting all the date and time strings to text will help the old text. Could the macro used to create the date/time stamp be modified to do the conversion at the time of use?