In Writer, how to add text under/after a table?

I am trying to edit an ODT created by a program else. It puts one table per page, even if the table is very small.

So, I want to add text in all that space after the table, but the cursor only goes into the last row of the table. It seems that there is some “one table per page” property, but I can’t find it.


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See also: How I can delete empty line after table in Writer? .

In your case: Goto final position of final column of your table, then: Alt+Enter

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Very good answer. Thank you very much Lupp :slight_smile:

however, this does not work for me. Alt+Enter from the last position of the last column just takes me to the top of the next page, leaving a ton of empty space below my table. Any Ideas?

Exact version of Libo? OS? Example document available for attachment?

Very good. I would like to add that this also helps for adding text under a section (e.g. to create columns in a part of a document).

Even i had trouble with this… But found a solution i.e., get into the ( Edit Menu and select Direct Cursor mode and click below the table and start editing) hope it will resolve…

Alt+Enter is just the same as Enter. It just creates a new line inside the current cell…

Woah. Actually, Right-Alt+Enter acts like a normal Enter. Left-Alt+Enter did nothing at all when I first tried it, but now it does make a new line outside the table!