In Writer, my image file directory does not update, writer

So if I add an image to my image directory, then try to insert the image I just added into a Writer document, the image I just entered into my image file directory does not show up when Writer opens a directory window to select the image file I just entered into the image directory. I even close out Writer, thinking that it is using an older version from before the new image was added to that directory, but it still doesn’t show up. This has happened many times, so I’m thinking that this is a very annoying bug. Or is there something I can do to successfully update the file directory that Writer uses? I’m using Version:
Build ID: 1:6.0.7-0ubuntu0.18.04.10 in Linux Mint 19.3

Hit the F5 key in your file manager (caja? nemo? other?).

Why do you use an outdated version ( of LO?

Um, sorry; I realized that the screenshot program didn’t put a “.jpg” or “.png” at the end of my file name, so Libre Office did not recognize the file as a supported file type. I renamed it and it found it right away.

On the other front of a more recent version of LO, I use Linux Mint updates to provide the latest updates through their mintUpdate update manager program. I guess Mint doesn’t stay on top of the latest LO versions very well. Is there another way to get available updates before Mint gets around to shipping them out that doesn’t entail a total reinstall?