In Writer pictures show in tiny size

Text document (as .doc) was created in OpenOffice with many pictures and under them text in CAPTION paragraph style.
Pictures were add by Insert > picture.
Only picture size attribute was modified in the Image property window.

Subsequently some work was done on the document in LibreOffice Writer and it was saved.
When I opened it again in LibreOffice all pictures are shown tiny.

See enclosed “image as show.jpg”
“Image property window.jpg” shows image size etc. properties.

C:\fakepath\Image as shown.jpg

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How can the photos be automatically or manually resized to size set in OpenOffice?

LibreOffice Windows 10.0 build 19042

Tried saving document as .odt. That didn’t help, but if I looked at a picture’s attributes and then closed the image size property window the picture was shown correctly in the document. Tried that with a few pictures. Same thing happened in the .doc version of the document.

The attributes were as follows:


Left: -4.02 Right: -4.02 top: -2.34 Bottom: -2.34
Image size Width: 3.5 Height: 2.04
Scale Width: 17% Height: 17%

This was annoying, but at least I know what to do in the future

Edit your question to provide more technical information about the pictures and what Writer says about them.

Don’t forget to mention your OS and LO version.

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What is in Crop and Borders tabs? You may have a reduced version of the picture with padding space.

What happens if you save .odt after fixing the issue? Does it reopen correctly?

The combination of -17% and negative crops explains the aspect of the picture. Now how was it set so? I suspect some “glitch” in the conversion process.

You are right.
Since such settings are associated with all pictures this is probably a conversion bug.

Maybe the way to avoid this is to start with and save a blank document in .doc format and keep it that way.
I have to experiment with this to avoid future problems.

The current document is about 350 pages, so I have to expect some future problems.
At least it is easy to recover the intended picture size and looks.

Thank you very much for your help.