Include query in UPDATE command

Hello guys, I would like to know if it is possible to insert this query:

SELECT DISTINCT "3001. Dominios"."Selecionar" FROM "3001. Dominios do Paciente", "3001. Dominios", "Datas do Diagnostico" WHERE "3001. Dominios do Paciente"."ID_Dominios" = "3001. Dominios"."ID_Dominios" AND "Datas do Diagnostico"."Data" = "3001. Dominios do Paciente"."Data" AND "Datas do Diagnostico"."IDAnamnese" = "3001. Dominios do Paciente"."IDAnamnese"

In that UPDATE command:

UPDATE "3001. Dominios" SET "Selecionar" = TRUE

Because I want to update the Select (boolean) fields in the “Domains” table according to a specific “Patient”, as well as the Domain contained in the “Patient’s Domain” table and the “Date” for inclusion of those domains.


The Update statement presented as is will set "Selecionar" = TRUE in ALL records. So it needs to have a condition met by using a Where clause. This would be the ID_Dominios of the record(s) to be updated.

The Query you present does not select this field but rather a Distinct value of a boolean field resulting in a TRUE or FALSE result. Depending upon the actual data this could be from many records and both results present. There is no observable data in this post or any sample/example data to determine results of the statement.

You need to determine the conditions for selecting the ID field necessary to update your records.

I understood the UPDATE logic through the post, thanks RATSLINGER. Follow the correct code:

UPDATE "3001. Dominios" SET "Selecionar" = TRUE WHERE "ID_Dominios" IN (SELECT DISTINCT "3001. Dominios"."ID_Dominios" FROM  "3001. Dominios", "3001. Dominios do Paciente", "Datas do Diagnostico" WHERE "3001. Dominios do Paciente"."ID_Dominios" = "3001. Dominios"."ID_Dominios" AND "3001. Dominios do Paciente"."Data" = "Datas do Diagnostico"."Data" AND "3001. Dominios do Paciente"."IDAnamnese" = "Datas do Diagnostico"."IDAnamnese")