Inconsistent heading styles

Okay, I’m making use of styles heading1, heading2… halfway through my document I thought to increase the font size two or four points. But not all the heading styles updated with the new styles assign to the heading style. How can I make it to format all the heading1s the same and heading2s the same? Help really needed.

Have you perhaps applied some direct formatting? If so, direct formatting will override the style formatting.

Apply Ctrl+M on all your heading paragraphs (after selecting the whole content), this will remove any added manual formatting. After that, your headings will follow the style definition.

Thanks for your responses robleyd, I edited the standard font sizes with the hope that it would update it everywhere after clicking on okay. Ajlittoz, thanks Ctrl+M does the trick.

Please read this:

Style templates in_Writer

Whenever you add manually formatting attributes (this is called direct formatting), these attributes take precedence over what is defined in the styles (paragraph, character, …).

Even if you later change the same attributes in the styles, manual formatting still overrides the style.

The only way to “unmask” style definition is to remove direct formatting.

  • Select the range of text on which you want to act
  • Ctrl+M or Format>Clear Direct Formatting

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