Incorrect download in English, I requested Dutch

I indicated before the payment page, that I wanted the Dutch version of Word, but after paying for the download it defaulted to English. Only when I opened the app did I realise it was the wrong language.
I am now stuck with what I don’t need. How can I get the Dutch version?

Assuming you downloaded LibreOffice(LO) under Windows then you can install any language that’s available.

Reinstall LO and select “Modify” than “Custom”. There you can select all the userinterface languages and dictionaries you want. Finish the installation.

Now start LO and in Tools>Options select Language Settings>Languages. Here you can select user interface lang., punctuation, dictonaries.

Word? Did you mean LibreOffice and then opened the LibreOffice Writer (or “Text Document”) and it was the wrong language? As far as I am aware, LibreOffice doesn’t require any payment to do a download.

Also, is your computer’s default language set to Dutch?

It might also help to know what platform you are running on (Windows, Unix, etc.), whether you are downloading the main installer or something else, or using Torrent to download, and whether you are doing it from or from some other place.

Thank you.

As @Mark12547 pointed out already it is very unclear what you did.

Please provide URLs and describe what you did.

Paying? You don’t need to pay anything for LibreOffice, this is clearly stated that LibreOffice is free. Only donations are asked for and are highly appreciated.