Increase Compression Level of .odt File?

Hi all, I’m currently editing a large remote file with a lot of formatting and not many images on a computer with a good CPU, but the remote server doesn’t have much disk space. Is it possible to increase the zip compression level of an odt file in LibreOffice Writer, or maybe switch to using xz?

Probably not, but this question seems odd. Text just doesn’t use up that much space in the first place, and increasing the compression ratio would barely make a difference. This makes me suspect that your document has a large number of images or something like that. Even so, what to do (if anything) depends on what exactly is in there, in which case you should rephrase your question accordingly and give more detail.

Okay, edited the question.

As an experiment, take some of your files and archive them, using whatever compression level you want, and see if there is much difference. I just tried it on a text file, using 7Z at maximum compression, and the difference was insignificant.

Compressing already compressed data doesn’t tend to work well, however, saving files as a fodt and compressing it using xz does decrease disk space usage by a pretty large amount.