Increase Draw grid contrast

Hello everyone. Is there any way to increase the visibility and/or constrast of the grid in LO Draw 6.4? Currently the grid is of a faint gray color that is barely visible over the white sheet. In addition to it, it is hard to distinguish the grid corner points from the subdivision points when you are very zoomed in.

What I would like to achieve is:

  1. darker grid dots

  2. Corner dots slightly larger than subdivision dots

Any chance I can obtain my desired behavior? Thank you

Nearly all aspects of the UI are user-tunable.

Go to Tools>Options, LibreOffice>Application Colors, category Drawing/Presentation and set Grid to another colour.

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Great! Thank you. Now I could make the grid black, which is a HUGE improvement. Are you aware of any way to enlarge the dots?

IMHO there is no way to enlarge the dots.

Workaround: Create on own “grid” as a write- and print-protected layer or use a special background/area for the draw pages…