increase memory lo6


My Libreoffice 6.0.7 impress is extremely slow so I thought that increasing the memory would help. I have an HP with Windows 64. Anything else you need to know, just let me know.

Trouble is: The button Memory in Lo6 is gone under Options / Libre Office. This is how I did this last time:

So I was told that under Lo6 the same features would show under Options/ Libre Office / Advanced / Expert Configurations and to change the values there.

Cf. tip: Set memory settings in Version: Comment 2.

Trouble is: I have not the slightes clue what to change. Especially the figures 399507456 seem weird to change. I have attached an attachment on what it looks like.

Can anoyne help.

I have a presentation tomorrow and this is a real issue!

Hi @libreoffice6 !

Looks like the result of previous tweaks; these values are just sizes in bytes. If you’d see a value like “400 MB” or “12.6 MB”, would you know what to do? Why is this different?

P.S. Please don’t post as wiki! Thanks.

Hi Mike

Many thanks. I am a bloody user, so am I right that 399507456 equals 399507kb respectively 399mb?
So I’d better use 1,000,000,000?

Happy to learn, why shouldn’t we post as wiki?

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So I’d better use 1,000,000,000?

No idea. There’s no silver bullet, and you are free to try different values to see if that helps.

So I’ll aks a new question

I don’t know why increasing memory has been made so complicated.

The user interface is visibly made for engineers by engineers: it’s hidden - when before it was very visible - and noone besides the initiated knows which of the 20+ lines should be changed to which value when you just want to accelerate a slow LO 6.3 .

So my question comes here: What should I change in memory settings to accelerate a LO 6.3 that needs at least 8 seconds after showing the window with the documents used ??



Most possibly nothing. The memory settings were hidden just for that reason: people imagine that they will speed up LibreOffice by modifying something there, while in fact, these settings are only for graphic caches.

These options have never been something “supported” and documented. They were always tweaked by trial and error; and the result was almost always negligible (because it only is useful for rather pathological documents); and at the same time, it could slow down some operations, or even cause crashes. So - making it an expert configuration options is what should have been done from the start: if you tweak them, you are the expert.

Supporting Mike answer, the better is don’t modify default values. To know them, Menu/Help/Restart in Safe Mode, backup the profile and run with a clean profile to know default values.